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exitStatus: 1 - Failure

PostPosted: 20. Dec 2008, 08:29
by srinivas
What is exitStatus: 1 - FAilure?


Re: exitStatus: 1 - Failure

PostPosted: 22. Dec 2008, 22:07
by cgittinger
Sorry, but I am a bit confused - in which context did you encounter this error message ?

Are you referring to the exitStatus of the expecco executable (if you run it from the command line) or some status of an executed activity block ?
The exitStatus of the executable (in a cmd-window, type "expecco --execute nameOfFile") will reflect the test outcome, so it can be used for a quick decision making in a batch- or shell script. Of course, this is only a rough indicator - more detailed output is either available on the stderror output (--verdict option) or in a generated report file (--textResultFile oder --pdfReportFile options).

The execution status of individual actions is one of PASS, FAIL, ERROR or INCONCLUSIVE.
PASS is obvious.
FAIL means is that the test executed ok, but it detected a problem in the SystemUnderTest.
ERROR means that the test itself raised an error (for example numeric overflow, etc).
INCONCLUSIVE means that some resource was missing and the test could not be executed at all