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Libraries included and containing functionality?

Postby kurtm » 26. Nov 2008, 17:33

Which libraries are included in the different editions of expecco? Where can I find information about the building blocks / functionality a library contains?

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Re: Libraries included and containing functionality?

Postby admin » 26. Nov 2008, 18:11

Dear Kurt,

all editions of expecco containing the
  • Standard Library which offers basic and frequently used functions for test development and general automation tasks.
  • Selenium Library which is needed for the integrated Selenium IDE in expecco web (edition) for web (test) automation tasks
The comprised building blocks of a library and their documentation can be found in our expecco wiki for the Standard Library and Selenium Library.

Did you know? The description is also availalbe inside expecco in the documentation tab for each building block. The search function for building blocks can optionally lookup in the documentation text.

An ODBC library to access databases and execute SQL queries is availalbe on request.

For further questions or suggestions please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
expecco support team
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Re: Libraries included and containing functionality?

Postby cgittinger » 11. Dec 2008, 19:07

There are a number of additional libraries available, which provide more specialized functions:
ASN1/GDMO for telco apps,
CANBUS and CANOE interfacing,
cryptography support.

Currently being implemented is a library for QT-GUIs (capture, replay and QT-object-access). This will allow for the testing of QT-GUI applications in a way very similar to what is done with the selenium/expecco-web product.
(later down the queue, but a bit less finished is the .NET-GUI testing library, which does the same for .NET apps).

EDIT (19.Dez.2008):
and I forgot to mention that Felix is working on a corresponding package to record and playback ST/X applications...

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