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XTerm dynamic title

Postby jan_vrany » 25. Jan 2009, 18:55

For all of you who are using St/X on Linux and running Smalltalk/X from xterm. Following small script dynamically updates XTerm's title (in fact, it should work with any modern X terminal emulator such as gnome-terminal, xfce-terminal etc). It shows Smalltalk/X version and - if any - snapshot filename.

The script:
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Re: XTerm dynamic title - ST/X Window titles

Postby cgittinger » 7. Mar 2009, 10:53

Another helpful goody is the window-title of Smalltalk/X views, which can be changed in the settings-viewstyle dialog (the "Window-Label-Format" field). When I have multiple views from multiple hosts on my screen (using XWindow), I often get confused, which browser is from which machine. By defining a hostname-prefix on each, the window title tells you...
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