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Status Updates

PostPosted: 11. Mar 2013, 19:33
by cgittinger
a short overview of what is about to come or already in the queue for the next release(s)...

Compilers / MSVC
ST/X can now also be built using a Microsoft Visual C-compiler (such as the Express, or a Pro edition).
Although it builds and runs the self test suite, I'd still like to test-run it for a little longer to make sure it is stable enough. As the (currently used) borland compiler has some different data structures in its stdio library (FILE struct), a mix of dlls compiled with different compilers is only possibly for pure smalltalk classlibs (i.e. not if they contain stdio C-calls). Therefore, expect two different download packages in the future: one build with bcc32, one with msvc.

64bit version:
I have a 64bit windows version running, and it runs pretty stable so far - the jitter is not yet complete and needs a little more work (but not too much ;-). Also, some ffi-calls need to be adapted to 64bit (i.e. ExternalLibraryFunction calls). This version is built using the mingw64 toolchain.

MAC version:
I have a 64bit MAC (x86) version running which uses the X11 window system. I started work on Cocoa interfacing. Expect more in the near future. Except for the ugly graphics, the rest looks very promising, indeed.

We still have CVS as main repository, mostly because all of the tooling and workflow runs more or less smoothly with it (not because we like it). We plan to migrate to mercurial. We tried git, but found hg to be a better fit. Jan is working on this...

Re: Status Updates

PostPosted: 13. Mar 2013, 16:33
by wsgibson
This is exciting news. For me the Mac and use of a DVCS are of particular interest. Thanks for the update and great work!


Re: Status Updates

PostPosted: 11. Apr 2013, 03:42
by garduino
Interesting news!

I was just trying to ask about a Mac version!

Do you have some estimated date to make it available?


Re: Status Updates

PostPosted: 22. Jul 2013, 23:56
by jan_vrany
Hi, I have just released Mercurial for Smalltalk/X.
I'm looking forward for bug reports :-)