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Solved: rdoit timeouts under linux/unix

PostPosted: 21. Sep 2009, 16:05
by stefan
The package goodies/rdoit can be used to execute some Smalltalk expressions inside a running ST/X image from the command line. The package consists of the rdoit client, a C-program and the rdoit server running inside ST/X (you can enable/configure the server under Launcher->Settings->Communication->RDoit).

The rdoit-client has a default timeout of 30 seconds when establishing the connection to the rdoit-service. We fixed a bug, that the timeout was still active after the connection has been established, effectively timing out any long running commands.

The bug has been fixed in rdoit.c V1.40. As a workaround you can run your pre-1.40 rdoit with the option '--connectTimeout 0'