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warning printing help file?

PostPosted: 28. Sep 2009, 15:34
by duetto
hi all,

i'm new to stx.

i'm using the gui builder tool and wanted to print pages. when i hit print button i get a warning "cannot open PSGraphicsContext" and nothing prints. i have loaded the class into my image.

i'm running windows xp and a hp laser printer.

also tried copy/paste in help but that doesn't seem to be supported.

any advice will be appreciated.


Re: warning printing help file?

PostPosted: 29. Sep 2009, 10:09
by fmadrid

Unfortunately our HTMLDocumentViewer does not support printing under Windows. We will add this feature to our wish list.

A quick work around to print any page from the documentation (using any Internet Browser) is:

1. Navigate to the help page to print.
2. Click the "Source" button while pressing the CTRL key. This will open a FileBrowser with the selected html help file (for ex. "TOP.html").
3. In the FileBrowser, click the option "Browser>>Windows Explorer" (or CTRL+e) to open the Windows File Explorer in the folder where the html help files are.
4. Open the selected help file with the default Internet Browser and print from there.



Re: warning printing help file?

PostPosted: 17. Dec 2009, 21:41
by cgittinger
of course, Firefox is a better choice to IE ! :D