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errors in gui painter

PostPosted: 25. Oct 2009, 22:56
by duetto

i've been using stx for a couple of months. on a couple of occasions i've ended up in debugger. do you want these debugs reported? if so, to what email address? i tried the email from the debugger but my pc isn't configured for your email reporting.

i really like the tool and would like to help wherever i can.

john cummings

Re: errors in gui painter

PostPosted: 30. Nov 2009, 15:48
by cgittinger
thanks john,
you can send patches, error info and suggestions to; there, they will be filtered and assigned to who is in charge of the component.
If its a patch of general interest and small enough, you may also (in addition) attach it to a message here (however, please also send it to the above address, for our records).


Re: errors in gui painter

PostPosted: 1. Dec 2009, 12:02
by cgittinger
Hi folks,
be aware, that many many errors and doesNotUnderstands are to be expected, if you start stx with the "--quick" command line option. This is due to the fact that in that case, many of the widget and widgetSpec classes which are mentioned in the gallery are not actually available. A debugger will pop up, as soon as one of the gallery tabs which contain such a widget is opened. (especially, the "Geometric", "Misc" and "User Defined" tabs are affected.

To fix this in the running image, open a fileBrowser, navigate to the top "stx" directory (i.e. the one under which the whole libXXX stuff is found), and select the pullDownMenu function "Tools"->"Recursive Install as Autoloaded".
This will scan all directories below for "st"-files, and install an autoload stub class for it, if not already present.
Then, back in the UI Painter, try to select the faulty tab again. You should see some messages about autoloaded classes on the transcript, but no longer see any errors.

If you want to have these classes be permanently in your executable, make sure to compile those classes to a binary (if required, add them to the projectDefinition as non-autoloaded and recompile the libwidg* libraries). Also, make sure that the class libraries are listed in the prerequisites of the stx-project definition (which affects the generated modules.stx file).