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Release 2.6 - November 2013

PostPosted: 25. Feb 2015, 18:28
by bgittinger
New testplan execution loop mode: "loop until required test fails"
More options for automatic check for and installation of updates & patches
default directories in file open/save/import dialogs.
Tuned automatic reimport when multiple libraries are imported.
Improved Java object inspector
New attachment contents representation modes.
Step tooltips include the underlying block's tree location.
Shift click on connection selects all underlying connections.
Give an indication (colorize menubar) if running with root/Admin rights.
Option to put the custom operations menu into the top menu
Additional tab in tree view to search by item-type
Additional search options for interfaces and concrete actions
Various bug fixes & enhancements:
handle duplicate attachment filenames,
fixed some type conversions,
fixed clipboard handling under XWindow/Qt desktop,
fixed non-changing testplan/testitem spec page.
added string search in resources, skills and inventories
no longer close expanded tree items when reimporting
fixed making an imported library writable, which is imported by another sub-import
fixed freeze of template pin to boolean/enum
fixed enum values which start with a digit (aka '001 aaa')
remove freeze value connection via menu