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Release 2.7 - October 2014

Postby bgittinger » 25. Feb 2015, 18:38

Patches go into a release specific directory (e.g. patches-
configurable external editor for attachments and csv data (eg. excel or openoffice calculator)
tree view: markers in search lists; add to/remove from remembered list menu items
tree view: folders can have tags, too
tree view: per-tag icons in tree
"--diff" command line option
"--settings" command line option
Scatter/Gather composition of test plans from multiple suites via command line arguments
library: background OS process and background block actions
improved type checks and preference settings
schema editor: cursor up/down keys in pin name fields
schema and diagram editor: additional menu functions in multiple-pin selection menu
new blocks in the StandardLibrary: ExceptionClassifier, WriteCSV, Load/Save Environment from/to CSV
SAP plugin and VBScript action blocks
change in the handling of Groovy callbacks. Please read "Attention / Warning" and "Special Functions" in the Groovy API documentation.
improved Groovy debugging support
new common Android and iPhone/iPad testing framework
option to save a per-run report, when a suite is executed in a loop (especially useful, when running until fail or until success)
block assertions: assert-executed / assert-all outputs written / assert any output written
License server support
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