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Postby bgittinger » 25. Feb 2015, 18:46

Compound GUI Blocks, enhanced GUI Construction Toolkit (PRO version) [-> example]
User-Constructable Control & Monitoring Window (PRO version)
User-Constructable Control & Monitoring WebInterface (PRO version)
Object Repository (central mapping of gui-element names - also for cross-platform tests sap)
Enterprise Version (central database for team development)
Manual Tests: can run in web GUI (also android, ipad, iphone...), control window on extra screen
Manual Tests: in expecco ALM
Manual Tests: generate original word document as report
Expecco control window on second screen (dual screen support)
Expecco control window in web GUI
More Polarion support
Separate monitor/visualisation gui (via background action with gui)
Docuprint plugin
More detail in modification history (both project and per block)
Attach probe(s) to monitor views (oscilloscope and chart views)
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