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Run Time missing

PostPosted: 20. May 2011, 10:24
by zt195
After the execution of the Testplan a report is generated via a separat yctivity which is assigned to the Testplan in the 'post execution' step. This works fine, but the 'Run Time:' in the generated report shown only ??? instead a duration.

Re: Run Time missing

PostPosted: 17. Jun 2011, 13:15
by bgittinger
ok, thanks. I have forwarded the bug to a developer, I will provide infos asap.

Re: Run Time missing

PostPosted: 17. Jun 2011, 14:41
by sreise

from our point of view a "Post Action" is part of the "Testplan"'s "Run Time".
The report was generated within the execution of the "Testplan",
there was no "Testplan" "Finish Time" at the time the "Run Time" should be calculated.

Hope this was helpful.

Re: Run Time missing

PostPosted: 11. Jul 2011, 08:20
by zt195
For my opinion a ‘Post Action’ is not really a part of the ‘Testplan’. But that I won’t discuss. To solve my problem, it would be helpful, if there would exist a Activity with which you can set the ‘Finish Time’ of the ‘Testplan’. So you can decide by yourself if it is part of the ‘Testplan’ or not.
Hope you will think about that.