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Support for command line execution?

Postby helmutlanger » 24. Nov 2008, 11:30


I´m using expecco 1.5 on openSUSE 11.0 for black box testing of hardware devices via different protocols. I like to automate my tests. How can I automate the execution of expecco testsuites? How can I deal with test results?

Thanks for your help.

Helmut Langer
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Re: Support for command line execution?

Postby admin » 24. Nov 2008, 12:38

Dear Mr. Langer,

expecco can be executed via command line AND remote controled (scripted) via SOAP, XML-RPC and HTML-RPC. For automation of the execution you can use crontab (Unix) or scheduled tasks (Windows) mechanism of the operating system.

The simplest command line to execute a testsuite is:

expecco --execute <testsuite filename> ...

<testsuite filename> is the name as saved from within the expecco GUI application. This can be either an export file (single file), or a test-project (multi-file). If more than one testsuite filename is given, each is processed in sequence. All top-level testplans which are found in the testsuite(s) are executed. Only the overall execution state is returned by the executions return value, which
  • 0 - all PASSED
  • non-zero - any ERROR, FAILURES or INCONCLUSIVE items.
To handle the test results a summary report can be generated. It can be generated to stderr output or as a file in CSV, human readable textual or XML format.

Futher information about executing expecco via batch processing / command line and additional options can be found in our expecco documentation wiki on the page Starting expecco via Command Line

Please don´t hesitate to contact us for further questions or suggestions.

Best regards,
expecco support team
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