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Print Test Design

PostPosted: 5. Dec 2008, 11:28
by AlphaTester

there is no opportunity to print the test design.
An XML Outputfile (or an other text based file) would be great.


Re: Print Test Design

PostPosted: 23. Jan 2009, 12:56
by sreise

what do you associate with a test design?

- do you mean the network of a compound block?
this can be done via the print button in the top toolbar (but as graphic, not as textbased description)

- or do you mean the design/style settings of a report template?

- or do you mean the whole workflow through all executed blocks?

- or sth else???

Re: Print Test Design

PostPosted: 4. Feb 2009, 11:40
by AlphaTester

I will try to explain it:
A customer asked "How did you test this functionallity?"
Now I need to explain what happend in my Test Case.

It could be a graphical solution (so far I did not test it) but a text solution would be worked as well.


Re: Print Test Design

PostPosted: 25. May 2009, 22:20
by cgittinger
mhmh - so I guess the existing print functions or either printing too much (the full testSuite printout), or printing not enough (the printout of a single blocks documentation).
Do you need something like "starting from a top-block, print a doc-page of all of its used blocks" ?
(maybe optionally with a "skip-system-library blocks" flag).

Another alternative would be a "print all blocks tagges so-and-so" function. or a "print all blocks under a particular folder" function.

Which would you prefer most ?
Any other suggestions ?

cheers, Claus