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Supported Platforms

Postby fmadrid » 3. Dec 2008, 17:43

At present, Smalltalk/X is available for the following systems:

System <CPU>
Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 <Intel/AMD x86>
Linux 2.6/glibc2.6 <Intel/AMD x86/x86_64>
Sun Solaris <Sparc,x86>

We can, however, upon request provide versions for other systems, for example:

FreeBSD / NetBSD
Alpha OSF-1 and VMS
RealIX 88k

For more information please refer to the chapter "Architecture specific Features, Limitations & Notes" in:

EDIT: cg, 30-nov-09: added x86 to sun solaris
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Is Smalltalk/X available for MAC OS?

Postby fmadrid » 4. Dec 2008, 11:38

Unfortunalety, Smalltalk/X is not available for MAC OS and, for the moment, there are no plans to support this platform.
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Re: Supported Platforms

Postby cgittinger » 5. Dec 2008, 22:43

well, I continue to peek at the mac, but unless there is more pressure from paying customers, it can only run at low prio. I'd love to have it running on a mac, too.
The older platforms like SGI, RealIX and AIX are not really supported any longer, unless someone pays for it (I wonder, if those old machines in the cellar would even boot... the last time I tried, the realtimeclock battery of the SGI was empty, and it refused to boot !). However, if someone really needs it, and pays for the machine and time, we can reanimate those beasts :lol:

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Re: Supported Platforms

Postby exept4jojo » 30. Apr 2009, 20:30

And FreeBSD?

I'm such kind of FreeBSD user. Mac OS X's Darwin kernel for example, is being based on FreeBSD.

How about a quick test with Smalltalk/X in FreeBSD by me?
I can try it in FreeBSD!


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Re: Supported Platforms

Postby cgittinger » 7. May 2009, 15:55

I have asked Stefan for a build on a freeBSD vm...
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