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National letters - keyboard mapping

Postby emko » 18. Feb 2011, 15:12


one of the first thing I noticed on Smalltalk/X was "strange" behaviour on linux when trying to type some of the Czech accented letters: éíáý worked well on both linux and windows but ěščřž I was able to write only on windows.

With ISO 10646-1 fonts St/X is able to display these letters, but the problem is the mappings are missing (looked to keyboard.rc).

Solution could be writing mapping into this/new rc file or directly executing code like this
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|map screen|

screen := Screen current.
map := screen keyboardMap.

map bindValue:(Character value: 16r017E) to: #zcaron.

OK. This would not be so hard. But what about the letters, also important in Czech/Slovak alphabet, which does not have a key? In the case of "ň": when typed on windows I can see only one "event" in EventMonitor, but on linux I got something like this:
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KeyPress x:85 y:198 symbolic key:#'Shift_L' rawKey:#'Shift_L'
KeyPress x:85 y:198 symbolic key:#'dead_caron' rawKey:#'dead_caron'
KeyRelease x:85 y:198#'dead_caron'
KeyRelease x:85 y:198#'Shift_L'
KeyPress x:85 y:198 character key:$n (110) rawKey:$n 'n'
KeyRelease x:85 y:198 character key:$n (110)

Is there any way how to map key combination to ň?
And did some of the Czech or Slovaks make this mapping and is so kind to share this knowledge, please?

Thank you
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Re: National letters - keyboard mapping

Postby jan_vrany » 7. Mar 2011, 15:18

Funny, I've never tried to type ň :-) There is some support for "composed keys", look at class WindowSensor. There is
class var ComposeTable that somehow defines key composition. Look at WindowSensor>>keyPress:x:y:view how it is used.
Maybe it can be used to define ň compositon, maybe not. I'll have to look at it closer. Anyway, if not, fix can be done
here (i mean, WindowSensor>>keyPress:x:y:view:). You just need to remember that #dead_caron was recieved and...

But that's interesting, I'll look at it.
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