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Smalltalk/X on Windows 7 x64

Postby RetiredEngineer » 14. Nov 2011, 20:02

Hello, everyone!

I'm a newbie to Smalltalk/X, but not to Smalltalk-80, Smalltalk/V-286, and Smalltalk/V-Windows. I thought Smalltalk was either dead or in hibernation ... until I found your website.

I do have a few newbie questions, which appear after my configuration.

My Software Configuration is:
- Windows 7 Professional (W7Pro) x64
- Service Pack 1
- MS Outlook 2007 & Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit v14.0
- Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
- Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2012 v19.1.0.28
- MS Office 2007
All Microsoft and Norton Updates Current

I have the Windows-XP virtual machine installed, as the Smalltalk/X readme.mswindows file says, "ST/X as provided here was built for WinXP ..." However, it also says, "It has also been tried on Windows 7."

MY QUESTION IS: What were the results (good, bad, etc.) from the Windows 7 tryout? It would be nice if Smalltalk/X works on W7Pro, but I don't want to crash it if the prior tryout was not successful.

Can anyone please give me some advice on this?

Kind regards,
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Re: Smalltalk/X on Windows 7 x64

Postby stefan » 29. Nov 2011, 14:23

Smalltalk/X works well in in Windows7/64 (as does expecco, which is based on Smalltalk/X).
Currently, it runs in 32-bit mode, so you don't have the 64-bit address space for your Smalltalk objects.
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Re: Smalltalk/X on Windows 7 x64

Postby cgittinger » 11. Mar 2013, 19:40

I am working on a real 64bit version...
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