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Port to MacOS?

PostPosted: 19. Apr 2009, 00:03
by Notxor
Hi all.

I'm working in a project. Now, it run on linux and windows; hoewer a customer wants to use mac. Is it possible to compile ST/X on mac? An other solution would be porting to web but I have not experience in any framework web in Smalltalk. What frameword would recommend for work with ST/X?


Re: Port to MacOS?

PostPosted: 20. Apr 2009, 20:08
by jan_vrany
1) Nowadays, it is not possible to compile Smalltalk/X on Mac OS X - it is not ported yet.
Although Mac OS X is BSD-based unix and it contains X server, it does not compile out of the box
on OS X machine. If you customer is ready to pay for OS/X port, things may change...

2) Maybe you want to try AIDA/Web framework: ... /wiki/AIDA

Re: Port to MacOS?

PostPosted: 21. Apr 2009, 20:13
by Notxor
Thanks for de reply...

I'm reading about Aida and it seem a good framework. I read about seaside, too. But your answer will help me to decide,


Re: Port to MacOS?

PostPosted: 17. Aug 2009, 22:21
by glpunzi
There are various users interested in this port. I think could be a good idea.

And, if you are not interested in do it much we are talkin about?