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OpenGL examples are not available any more ?

PostPosted: 11. Jan 2010, 10:33
by marten
Just downloaded a new version and was suprised, that no OpenGL examples are available any more ?

No 3GL examples any more ... ?

PostPosted: 11. Jan 2010, 23:25
by marten
Under the Linux version I see the menu entries for the 3GL stuff, but the code is not available any more ? Under Windows there are no menu entries any more regarding these examples ... ??

Re: OpenGL examples are not available any more ?

PostPosted: 13. Jan 2010, 11:50
by cgittinger
Hi Marten (is it you ?),

I no longer include all the very old GL stuff (the non-openGL) from the stoneages (which was never running under win32, btw.). If you need it, the C-code is still found under support/GL (so make there), and the ST-interface is in libview (GLWorkstation).

OpenGL: you should have a look at the libopengl directory (please cvs-update from our repository, as I have fixed a bug recently).
In the shell/ bmake/make there to get the dll.
In st/X: "Smalltalk loadPackage:'stx:libopengl'"

The main class is OpenGLRenderingContext, which provides the interface to the real openGL.
I have a few examples in OpenGLExamples; take a look there.
I have not adapted the old GL examples to the new openGL interface, but might add more if I find time...