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5.4.6 Deploying strategies in XP environment

PostPosted: 16. Jan 2010, 08:41
by sminni
I am trying to understand the Packaging/Deploying time and size in an XP environment

(This factor becomes relevant as our current RAD platforms takes 30-45 minutes to redeploy after any code change and the size is at least 10MB in compressed format even for a small patch and it became a concern)

1. A testing setup
2. A Production setup (applicatiom mass deployed to remote users)
- The testers / users expect a standone Windows application (.exe) which there are to run
- Its a typical business application application with a combination of 100 GUI scteens / reports

what is the expected average appx time (+/- 5 minuts) to generate (core2duo 2gb) and size of the files to be shipped
fresh install / upgrade / patches
- within testers
- end users