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Re: Print Test Design

hi, what do you associate with a test design? - do you mean the network of a compound block? this can be done via the print button in the top toolbar (but as graphic, not as textbased description) - or do you mean the design/style settings of a report template? - or do you mean the whole workflow th...
by sreise
23. Jan 2009, 12:56
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Print Test Design
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Double Buffering Workaround

hi @ all, smalltalk (and also java) has no implementation of double buffered none 3D views by default. if you need this mechanism, you can modify the drawing methode #redrawX:y:width:height: with the following code redrawX:x y:y width:w height:h ( buffer isNil or:[ buffer width ~~ width or:[ buffer ...
by sreise
23. Jan 2009, 13:43
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Double Buffering Workaround
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Getting starting with expecco...

The demo tutorial: The short movie: The first steps: The wiki: Some examples (just started): ...
by sreise
5. Mar 2009, 17:28
Forum: General Help
Topic: Getting starting with expecco...
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Re: Run Time missing

Hello, from our point of view a "Post Action" is part of the "Testplan"'s "Run Time". The report was generated within the execution of the "Testplan", there was no "Testplan" "Finish Time" at the time the "Run Time" should be calc...
by sreise
17. Jun 2011, 14:41
Forum: Test Developer Help
Topic: Run Time missing
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Re: PDF Report contracts content

it is currently not supported... because the contraction is hardcoded
by sreise
30. Jun 2011, 16:03
Forum: Test Developer Help
Topic: PDF Report contracts content
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