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First Post

Hi Felix, Claus:

My main wish was (from a long time) having a list/forum or so to learn Smalltalk/X, and this is ready now!

Thanks You!
by garduino
10. Dec 2008, 16:01
Forum: Wishlist
Topic: First Post
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Any possibility that ST/X will be open source sometime?

Hi Exept people: One of the things I valorate a lot about dev tools I use is that they are open source, not because I want to take advantage of its sources (that really don't use much, more than in some specific projects) but as a warranty of survival if the company owner of the Smalltalk I use deci...
by garduino
12. Dec 2008, 01:36
Forum: Future
Topic: Any possibility that ST/X will be open source sometime?
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Re: Status Updates

Interesting news!

I was just trying to ask about a Mac version!

Do you have some estimated date to make it available?

by garduino
11. Apr 2013, 03:42
Forum: Future
Topic: Status Updates
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