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Any possibility that ST/X will be open source sometime?

Postby garduino » 12. Dec 2008, 01:36

Hi Exept people:

One of the things I valorate a lot about dev tools I use is that they are open source, not because I want to take advantage of its sources (that really don't use much, more than in some specific projects) but as a warranty of survival if the company owner of the Smalltalk I use decide to stop its development. That was the case of Dolphin, by example.

Now, even I owe a Dolphin PRO license, I'm doing the most of my development work with Squeak, and considerating other options, were ST/X is now first on the list, but I've this big doubt about the long term availability (And I don't wants to losse a lot of dev time again), then wants to ask if Exept has some plans of release ST/X as complete open source in some point or will maintain it as now, free but closed source?.

Thanks in advance by any comment you can make.

Germán S. Arduino
Arduino Software
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Re: Any possibility that ST/X will be open source sometime?

Postby glpunzi » 17. Aug 2009, 22:22

I suppose this question affects to all.

What will happen, If eXept, decides to not improve SmalltalkX or if eXept close his doors?

Could be interesting a clarification on this.
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Re: Any possibility that ST/X will be open source sometime?

Postby cgittinger » 1. Dec 2009, 12:45

we do not plan to make librun and stc open source (*). The rest is already.

We do have an agreement here at exept that:
(1) if I (claus) am undable or unwilling to further support st/x, the rest of the team will continue or choose (2).
(2) if exept is no longer willing to or able to support st/x, we will publish the missing sources.

Hope this helps.

regards, Claus

(*) one reason is that some of our biggest customers have a "no open source" policy - believe it or not.
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