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Seaside port

Postby bitmonki » 11. Mar 2010, 15:45

Has anyone gotten Seaside to run successfully in STX 5.4.6?

I get a message similar 'Continuation cannot return twice'.

Perhaps I'm missing some step while filing everything into the image?
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Re: Seaside port

Postby cgittinger » 10. May 2010, 13:05

NO, I'm very sorry: the current version of st/x does not support continuations; I have started some support in the VM, but it is not yet finished/working. Until then, you could try to use seaside without continuations (I think the newest seaside release can be operated without, with the limitation that the call feature is not available then).

Sorry again - I will at some time continue to work on continuations :roll: , but I cannot give you a concrete date.
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