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Teapot Demo: various questions and one solution

Postby marvin_littlewood » 15. Jan 2010, 16:52


I'm using 5.4.6 on 32 bit Linux (Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala).

When I first clicked on: Demos > 3D GL Graphics > Teapot, the error message stated that a required class was not available. I navigated to clients/GLdemos in the File Browser tool and clicked on "Install All ST-Files as autoloaded". This cured the error message. Is this the correct procedure?

On the next run, the method Demos::GLTeapotView.readModel failed because the file name of the tea pot's data was wrong. It should now be: '../../clients/GLdemos/'. I wonder if the initial message might also have resulted from the same fault: the location of the demos has changed and the software for loading and running them has not caught up.

As this is quite a good way of learning about ST/X, I was wondering whether it helps if I post these problems here? :D

The other thing of interest is the following scenario: Click on Demos > 3D GL Graphics and with all 3 boxes on screen, 'Alt-Tab' away to another application. What happens is that the menus become glued to the screen and it is impossible to click on them or dismiss them other than by exiting ST/X. I would propose that if these windows lose focus, they should close themselves. Certainly that is the behaviour in an analogous situation using Firefox.

I look forward to your comments.


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Re: Teapot Demo: various questions and one solution

Postby cgittinger » 10. May 2010, 13:16

Thanks for the patience going through all the trouble.
You're right: the old GL stuff has not been updated for a long time and is actually not really working/supported any longer - I should have removed it from the demo-menus (actually, I did, but only in the windows versions...).

You are now much better off trying to play woth the openGL stuff. I have to admit that that is also not really supported with passion by anyone, but at least it is easier to deal/fix/enhance, and it should be portable among the various architectures.
Take a look at the stuff found in "stx:libopengl"; under windows, bmake there to get the loadable package-dll.
Smalltalk loadPackage:'stx:libopengl'
and try the demos in the OpenGLExamples class.

I did not try the linux version of the makefile for some time, so you may have to check if it compiles (I'll send a note to Stefan Vogel, our linux-ST/X responsible guy, to care for that...)

regards, Claus
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