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What is the difference between expecco and expecco ALM?

PostPosted: 25. Feb 2015, 18:05
by bgittinger
Our solution for the development, design, evaluation and automation of your tests. By means of the graphical programming interface, tests can easily be modelled with "expecco" via drag, drop & connect. By so doing, test creation is possible even without programming skills. The tests are created from the compilation of various building blocks and can thus be used in a multitude of ways. Owing to the central maintenance of the building blocks, the maintenance expenditures are very minimal. Another special feature of "expecco" lies in the simultaneous use of various technologies in a joint testing environment.

expecco ALM:
expecco ALM is our quality management platform which manages and links requirements, projects, tests, test results, errors, actions and timetables. The comfortable and configurable test automation considers the availability of machinery, measuring and test equipment, and personnel.