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limitations of expecco

Postby srinivas » 19. Dec 2008, 05:55

Can anybody tell me the limitations of expecco tool?

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Re: limitations of expecco

Postby cgittinger » 19. Dec 2008, 21:06

mhmhm - that is a broad question, hard to answer in one sentence.
Of course, there are limitations; coming immediateley to my mind are:

- due to its architecture, there are certain speed limitations in the execution engine. Some realtime stuff cannot be tested directly with expecco. In such a situation you will need some extra code (in a dll or external program) which is written in high-performance (but more error prone) C-code or external hardware or similar.

- the generated info & trace log is held in memory (in the webtest-lite) version and can therefore not grow endless (the 1.6 version will provide more dynamic filters which allow for more control over the pruning the execution trace during the execution).

- expecco comes in multiple versions; the webtest-lite version has the big limitation of not including the JavaScript compiler. Therefore, with this, you can only use the existing blocks, but not create your own.

- blackbox testing in general
has to be augmented by additional testing schemes like unit-tests, code analysis etc. Blackbox testing is more suited towards component, integration, acceptance and other more higher level testing tasks. Of course, you can integrate other test methods into an expecco testSuite, by calling those components (callout into dll, to perform some in-depth unit test, after a smoke test fails, for example)

Does this answer your questions ?
If not, can you be more specific ?

regards, Claus
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